Hepatic Lipidosis Does Not Mean Death for Cats: Monday Meowsie News

Lightning is still looking for her forever home

Savannah's Paw Tracks


What a whirlwind weekend we had here. So much to do…most of which I cannot yet share with you all.  But soon my pals, very very soon.

talking to you edit

But I have something much more important to share with you than anything about me and my doings.

Do you recall the lovely cat named Lightning whom I shared with you some weeks ago?  You can click here to read that story…it is one of rescue, adoption, abandonment in the new home, back to rescue…from starvation and the syndrome it can bring to cats…hepatic lipidosis.

Lightning was so very fortunate she was pulled from the local county kill shelter by Bright Haven…an animal rescue and sanctuary…and so much more.  Please be sure to learn more about their incredible work to help animals in need and to educate humans about what it means to become a guardian, for life, for a…

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