Nellie’s Visit Day 2


We had a lovely Breakfast this morning,Click the Photo to see today’s adventure with Nellie,you’re going to love it,xx Speedy


The Viking Adventure

Something weird was happening with the closets,loud thumping noises and water seeping out under the door!Speedy hopped over to investigate sniffing the wet carpet….hmm Speedy thought smell like the ocean with that the door burst open with an ice blast of cold air and snow flake there in front of him was the prow of a Viking ship!


What the bunny is that doing in my closet?Speedy hopped up for a closer look standing in the middle of the deck was a big Viking with a huge Hammer and shield looking right at him.The Viking spoke with a big loud voice ” What took you so long Speedy?” as he took a couple of stride towards him.

Speedy replied “Nothing much,I suppose you’re Thor?” “Hahahahaha nothing much gets past you does it little one?” laughed Thor then looking at Speedy with a frown “I need the help of a cheeky fast fellow such as you ,My brother Loki is up to no good again and whatever he is up to its effecting anything magical and I need you to go on a quest to find out and may be put a stop to it.Do you think you are able for such a quest Speedy?” And of course Speedy is always up for an adventure!

“Choose some friends to help you young Speedy,mind you choose wisely because you will need them and you will need some luck too before the quest ends” with that Thor disappeared into the mist leaving the ship behind.As Speedy thought about who to take with him he realised he was still in the Viking ship and then all of a sudden the ship had moved and reappeared at another closet door.Speedy pushed open the door and stuck his nose out and saw a little Black kitten with a half blue eye looking at him.Speedy started giggling when he realised he was at Nylablue’s mum’s house and he was looking at her new kitty Dharth “Hey Dude told ya I’d be coming to visit,come on up we need to get  Mr Mick ,we have a grand adventure ahead of us!”


So Speedy and Dharth were sat in this Viking ship when it appeared in front of another closet door Speedy pushed it open shouting for Mr Mick “Hey Mickey where are you?sleeping I s’pose….come on wakey wakey Mick we have a quest to go on!!!Mick!!!”.Dharth saw this light brown lop eared bun hopping up to the ship he was grumbling about some “foo’ rabbit waking him up and had better have a good reason for bringing a foo’ cat to his house”

“What the blazes is this Viking ship and that foo’ cat doing in my closet Speedy?” thumping his foot in disapproval.Speedy replied “get up here Mick the ship belongs to Thor we have a quest to go on and this is Dharth he is needed for luck trust me Mick we need him!” so when Mr Mick finally hopped on to the ship Speedy explained the visit from Thor and how he said is brother Loki was up to no good and was causing problems with magic and the magic closets and he was sending them on a quest.Mr Mick was mulling over every thing “So its us and the foo’ cat what else?I s’pose you want the foo’ gerbil too?” “well he might come in handy we’d better go get Freddie too”said Speedy with that another closet door opened and Freddy squeaked “Speedy! eeek a cat and Mickey what’s up?” as he settled on Speedy’s neck.After a quick explanation of Thor’s visit and Speedy introduced Mr Mick and Freddie to Dharth.”Guys This is Siddhartha but you can call him Dharth,Dharth this is Mr Mick and Freddie” Dharth did a shy “Mee-you itss nice to meet you” and Freddie asked “You’re not going to try and eat me are you Dharth?”with a quivering voice and Dharth replied “Noes that wood bee soo wrong too doo that too a friend of Speedy’s” with such aplomb that Speedy and Mr Mick started to chuckle with Mr Mick saying ” I like him even if he is a foo’ Cat”.


With the four adventurers setting off Speedy thought of the Fjords and Loki but this time the ship just appeared through the mist without the use of magic closets it was sailing through the water in the Fjords giving them all a shock it was so cold with snow and ice everywhere….Brrrr is what they all thought as they went hunting for some woolly hats and scarves to keep them warm.Freddie looked up at the sky the northern lights were glowing but not the eerie green glow they were glowing a weird pinky orange colour as if the sky was on fire “Look everyone at the sky,should it be doing that?he asked pointing with his tail, Speedy looking up with is eye “No That ain’t right at all!”

The ship came to a stop by a rock jutting out of in the water and the four adventures hopped and scampered off  looking around.They sneaked off up the hill in front of them Dharth stopped by Freddie and Wispered “Mee-you wee could creepss off quietly and see whatss going on up there withoutsss being seenss,Climbsss on too mee back Mr Freddie”Mr Mick and Speedy followed on behind as they sped off silently into the dark.At the top off the hill was a stone circle and inside was a big Viking dressed in dark clothing Holding a staff with a big red crystal on the top it was glowing in the dark and the Viking was chanting some kind of Spell and in front of him was an alter with a big orange light it was spinning like a vortex.Dharth and Freddie slinked back in to the dark down the hill to find Speedy and Mr Mick when they found them they excitedly told them what they had just seen.

Speedy Said” that must be Loki and he must be conjuring some kind of spell whatever he is doing we have to stop him….he’s not called a trickster for nothing and he obviously is up to something bad any ideas?” he asked of them all.


Mr Mick was mulling it over when Freddie said “we need to get the staff  or the crystal away from him” And just how do you think we are going to do that you foo’ gerbil?” asked Mr Mick sarcastically Freddie shrugged his shoulders ,Speedy was thinking about that very thing “we need a distraction of sorts,but how do you distract a God?”at that moment Dharth said in a quiet voice “Mee-you wee need some bunny who iss unique who confusesss everyone by just whoo hee iss”Mr Mick turned and looked at Dharth and then looked at Speedy “You know the foo’ Cat is right and that means you,you’re the only one who could confuse anyone”so the plan came together Speedy would distract Loki, Mr Mick would chew threw the ties on Loki’s Boots while Freddie chews through the bindings holding the crystal on the staff and Dharth will catch Freddie and the crystal and then make a run for the ship with Mr Mick with Speedy after they are clean away…..what could go wrong?!


Speedy entered the stone circle and hopped on to the altar he was winging it with whatever came to mind, looking at Loki Speedy shouted “Ehhh Whats up Doc? ” in his best impression of Bugs bunny and grinning from ear to ear he even had a carrot that he was nomming on where that came from only Thor knew.Mr Mick was trying not to chuckle as he and Dharth and Freddie crept up behind Loki.Loki was just staring at this white Bunny with brown ears and nose eating a carrot not quite believing his eyes so Speedy repeated ” Ehhh I said Whats up Doc?” As Freddie climbed up the staff and was busy chewing the bindings on the staff ,as Mr Mick was working on the boots Dharth was waiting for Freddie with Loki none the wiser.Loki was Still looking at Speedy all confused as to why there was a rabbit on his altar Speedy by now was introducing himself to Loki “I’m Speedy…Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny,I’m guessing that you must be Loki I thought I would come and See what you’re up to seeing as you’ve ruined my plans to go to a party”Loki finally Spoke “This is no concern of yours Rabbit now hop off out of here and do what you rabbits get up to” Loki was very arrogant and insulting with his manner which really got Speedy very Cross “I’ll have you know this is my concern your Spell is messing with the rabbits closet travel system and Quite frankly we have had enough of it”THUMP!!! with his foot “Is that RIGHT!And do you think YOU can stop ME a GOD” replied Loki with a sneering laugh and to his amazement Speedy THUMPED his foot even Louder “If I have too!I will….I really ain’t afraid of you mate…its time you learnt who really is in charge of these things whether you are a god or a fool!”

Loki was so enraged he didn’t notice Freddie dropping down with the crystal in his paws on to Dharth’s back who then grabbed Mr Mick who had just finished with the boots and the three of them scarpered back to the ship where they hid the crystal with Freddie guarding it Mr Mick and Dharth headed back to see what was taking Speedy so long to catch up with them.”That Foo’ Bunneh is going to bite off more than he can chew someday” Grumbled Mr Mick as he followed Dharth back up the hill.

In the mean time Loki had realised the crystal was gone but had no idea how but had turned his rage on Speedy ,pulling a wand out of his clothes he was busy firing bolts of lightning at Speedy who was busy laughing” you missed” as he easily sped out the way “hehehe I’m not called Speedy for no reason foo’ god hehehe”.Mr Mick and Dharth got back to the stone circle just as Speedy dodge another bolt!Speedy leaped up on to the altar in front of Loki “Time to put stop to this foolishness Loki” just as Mr Mick and Dharth joined Speedy on the altar as another bolt flew at Speedy Dharth some how got in the way and the bolt hit his bad eye right on the blue bit but for some reason the bolt deflected away from the trio and Speedy leaped at Loki fell over Mr Mick as he hopped behind him and fell to the ground as his boot fell apart and tripped him up.Loki was dazed lying on the ground as Speedy sat on his chest looking at him giving him a good thumping with his feet saying “Loki the Bunnies are in charge remember that next time you want to mess with our stuff” and right behind Speedy was Mr Mick thumping his foot and Dharth  hissing ,both trying to look pretty mean.Speedy asked his friends if they were both ok and Both replied that they were.

Suddenly Thor appeared with Freddie holding the crystal “Brother do you never learn?”Thor turned to the trio ” Thank you Speedy,Mr Mick ,Dharth and you too Freddie” as he climbed off Thor’s  hand to join them. “You have saved Magic and for that we owe you a debt” with that he dragged Loki off to face the judgement of the other gods.

The four adventurers made their way back to the ship,as they hopped and climbed aboard Mr Mick said to Dharth and Freddie “Not bad for a foo’ cat and you you foo’ gerbil”Then he turned to Speedy and said “You know that Thor looked a lot like Mr Kim”.Speedy chuckled “Yep I thought that too”.Speedy looked at Dharth and his eye “Hmmm that’s a strange thing going on with your eye Dude,I knew we needed you for luck!Come on everyone its time to go home and we have just enough time to have a quick Rum at my place…What say you all?” and they all replied “Aye Capt’n Speedy a Rum it is!”

Dharth whispered in Speedy’s ear “Mee-you whatsss Rum?” and all he got was a chuckle from Speedy.


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The Art in the Animal Rights Movement

Stop this cruel practice!

Little Bunny Blogger

There are many forms of expression when protesting against animal cruelty and for animal rights. 

There’s artistic ways, such as this painting below done by Sue Coe:

"Cruel", 2012, Sue Coe“Cruel” 2012 via


Sue Coe grew up close to a slaughterhouse and developed a feverish passion to stop cruelty for animals. Her painting portrays capitalism’s influence on the food industry. To most, it’s all about the money.

Another artist, Jonathan Horowitz, stopped eating meat at age 12 when his parents took him to a bull fight in Mexico. His Go Vegan! exhibition is aimed to display as well as normalize meat-free eating. The billboard states, “If you wouldn’t eat a dog … Then why would you eat a chicken? They’re just as intelligent.” Because they are. And not everybody is aware of that fact.

"If you wouldn't eat your dog...", 2010Go Vegan! 2010 via


And then, there’s more of an extreme radical approach to fighting…

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