The Art in the Animal Rights Movement

Stop this cruel practice!

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There are many forms of expression when protesting against animal cruelty and for animal rights. 

There’s artistic ways, such as this painting below done by Sue Coe:

"Cruel", 2012, Sue Coe“Cruel” 2012 via


Sue Coe grew up close to a slaughterhouse and developed a feverish passion to stop cruelty for animals. Her painting portrays capitalism’s influence on the food industry. To most, it’s all about the money.

Another artist, Jonathan Horowitz, stopped eating meat at age 12 when his parents took him to a bull fight in Mexico. His Go Vegan! exhibition is aimed to display as well as normalize meat-free eating. The billboard states, “If you wouldn’t eat a dog … Then why would you eat a chicken? They’re just as intelligent.” Because they are. And not everybody is aware of that fact.

"If you wouldn't eat your dog...", 2010Go Vegan! 2010 via


And then, there’s more of an extreme radical approach to fighting…

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8 responses

  1. Speedy I totally agree..and as for Lush..they are my all time go to fave products here they are very savy with what they use,environmentally friendly and are divine their bath baths are just the best for relaxing after a hard day..the skin creams soaps lip balms (honey butter my fave) all made with a conscience and no is a disgusting practice! amd yet Lush provide a beautiful product..cruelty free!! loves Fozziemum who has a house full of cruelty free cleaning proucts 🙂 xx

  2. Hey Speedy!
    Wes against animal cruelty for a long long time. Beef from happy cows tastes way better, the same with chicken. When wes lived in Midway, it was much easier to get. Mommy has made her own cosmetics for years – there is nothing like one of Mommy’s Bath Bombs!
    Love that yous has highlighted Sue Coe’s work! Mommy is passing this link along!
    And Speedy, mes too old to goes hunting for a date for Valentines this year. Would yous likes to goes out with a older lady cat?

  3. Pawsum posty SPeedy. since we be carnivores weez always gunna eat meat, and so is mommy. But weez fink da industwy kuld be better wegulated fur da hoomane tweatment and slaughter of those animals. Since God put them on da earff fur us to eat, weez see nuffin’ bad in it. After all there awe sum animals dat consider hoomans pwey.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

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