Sunday Selfie with Cousin Guinevere

Hello Today I’m letting my Cousin Guinevere My Grandma’s Kitty join in Sunday Selfie,She’s a little shy but she does show her playful side too.A little while ago I won a Purrfect Box UK for my Cousin from Katzenworld and it finally arrived here this week.


The Purrfect Box UK came with all these goodies:A lufa mouse toy,a pack of 3 feather mice toys,a refillable frog catnip toy,Advance Adult dry complete food, a bag of Chicken and cod treats and Biospotix flea,tick,and mosquito repellent.


The rest is one videos so you can see her come out of her shell!

Guinni loved the Chicken and Cod treats

She also loved the feather mice

And the Advance cat food she thought was very tasty

But Guinni’s Favorite has to be the Refillable Frog cat nip toy!

Thanks to Katzenworld for pick us as a winner and to Purrfect Box UK for sending the best box for this shy girl


Click on the Graphic to hop on over to my main Blog to see all the other Sunday Selfies in the Blog Hop,xx Speedy


4 responses

  1. Oh my what a sweet sweet girl Guinevere is Speedy..and such a lovely thing to share a prize with your cousin..great selfie today and made me smile! pAW PATS dinnermintz xx

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