A very Sad Day Goodbye Harrington Till We See You Again

Please play this music as you read through this post.

Last night we heard from my Auntie Michelle that the heavens had been lit by a new star to shine bright upon us all,

Processed with MaxIm DL 4

Processed with MaxIm DL 4

as my pal Harrington was unexpectedly helped to cross the rainbow bridge,a big shock to his Mama and my Auntie Michelle,


My dear pal Harrington Binky free and high in the heavens above!

I shall miss our parties and adventures my cheeky friend,

31213 077

And your love of snacks,But most of all I shall miss you fun exchanges with you wifebun Hannah!

21813 020

and the way you used to snuggle with her even when we were all having fun!


All our love and prayers are with Harrington’s Mamma Auntie Michelle and Pappa,his wifebun Hannah and his kitty sisfur Sabrina please send them your well wishes to them at The Raspberry Rabbits,or on facebook if you know them on there.

22713 027

Goodbye Harrington my friend Till We See You Again!

Speedy’s Goodbye to Harrington


One response

  1. I am sad for you Speedy! We don’t like to see our buddies leave this earth of ours. If, he went to the Rainbow Bridge, its because he was suffering and it was his time. You’ll meet again when you decide to go too. I hate to think of it but one day we will be at the bridge also.

    Kitty kisses ever so softly for you, Speedy,


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