Bunzilla Mission Success!

Well to continue with my intercept Mission it was a success…..

KB10 newspaper report 27th june vanishes

…….. the down side some how I was made invisible too!Never mind it was time to get Bunzilla to Basil’s secret bunker!

KB10 bunzilla map progress 2

So off we went to find a magic closet big enough to get Bunzilla in to.Do you have any idea how hard that is?Good job closet travel is magic powered cause I managed to get us squeezed in and we arrived at Basil’s secret bunker in just a few minutes.Thank the bun for that!

To find out all the events leading up to this mission hop on over to Basil’s Blog to learn all about The Curse of the Klepto Bunny.

And don’t forget to hop on over to my main Blog Speedy The Cheeky house Bunny xx Speedy


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