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Sunday Selfie 5th July


Disapproving Bun Day 8th July

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Speedys Movie Day

We’re Home! We are back from our Vacation and we will catch up with you all in the week and boy have we missed you! Click on the links above the photo’s to catch up on last weeks post,xx Speedy

Speedy’s Movie Day 9th July

His Majesty Mr Mick Shine bright my friend!

Please listen to this music as you read this post.


Yesterday we lost my long standing pal to the rainbow Bridge,the pal I had so many adventures with the last one being The Viking adventure , Train to Roskilde-Fuzzy Creatures and many other adventures on Fuzzy Creatures, he made a great Pirate Bun too!


Mr Mick,Me, Freddie and Siddhartha


Mr Mick and Freddie


His Majesty has left us,

leave us broken hearted,

no more grand adventures,

no more crazy fun,

Mr Mick’s wit that gave us many smiles

the fo’ hoomins and fo’ cat and the fo’ gerbil and the like,

gone for ever to the heavens,

to shine above us bright,

Shine forever bright Mr Mick,

Till we see you again!


              His Majesty Mr Mick.

          20th June 2007-1st July 2015

Our Thoughts and Prayers and snuggles are with his mum over at Zen of Bun

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