10 years after Katrina are you ready for such a disaster?

With the Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina we were asked to help raise awareness of being ready to keep your pets safe in the face of such disaster by ASPCA.It’s hard to believe that it has been 10 years since Katrina hit the shores of the US.I hadn’t even been born then but mummy remembered seeing all about it on the news and how she worried for all the pets and humans caught in the storm over there.I’m a lucky bunny that I have not had to live through such a terrible disaster.The flooding we had here a couple of years ago didn’t affect us too badly either,thankfully because of where we live but others were not so lucky.

Mummy has everything in place for me incase there is an emergency and we need to evacuate and to help you all we are sharing this infographic with you all in the hope that it will help you all to be ready for such emergencies.

aspca_6-ep (1)

We are also lucky to be able to hold a giveaway for a Disaster preparedness gift pack for one of you lucky friends and followers Sponsored by the ASPCA

the Gift pack contains an Emergency ready pet first aid kit ,and a Subaru roll up picnic blanket,and a Subaru penguin umbrella!

Disaster Prep Giveaway (1)

To enter Just leave a comment below saying you want to be in the draw,Comments for entering must be made on this blog post only,the closing date for this giveaway is Monday 31st August midnight UK time.The winner will be picked out by Me (Speedy) which mummy will video and will post on my Movie Day.Good luck to you all!


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