Two Sister’s looking for a home in California USA!

These two Lady Cat sisters are looking for their Forever home they are currently being fostered and are up for Adoption by The Community Concern 4 Cats and are being Featured on my good friend Savannah at Savannahs Pawtracks please hop on over to see the interview with Coco and Chanel.But in the Mean time Lets say hello to first Coco:


And Now Chanel:


Lets help them find their home and help my Pal Savannah!


The Votes are in and counted…The Winner is……

pirate Speedy

Hello Everybody!Today is the day everybody has been waiting for…..The votes are in and counted!

The Competition was a grand Pirate Battle in which I am happy to say everybody got votes!Not one of you were on 0 once the votes cast here and on Facebook had been counted and That Makes you all winners to me so here is a badge for you all!

Speedy's Pirate Party

But in the end the Battle came down between two Pirates…..

Captain Basil Blackheart 3The Crimson Revenge with Cap'n Basil & Crew

Captain Basil and the crew of the Crimson Revenge!


And Captain Sushi!

But in the end there can be only ONE WINNER and for the Second year in a row it is……

                                                   CAPTAIN SUSHI!!!!!

Never have I seen so many votes cast before and I can’t wait till next years Party!

Hehehe but guess what I have another party coming up next weekend….what’s that more partying from The Cheekiest of Bunnies?Saturday 3rd October is my 4th Birthday so Join me at my Pub “Down The Rabbit Hole”!

Tis Time for SPeedy’s Pirate Party!

Captain Speedy

Welcome all ye Pirates and Piratess’s,Seadogs and Scallywags to Me party,There be Many a barrel of grog and Aye Rum!And many other drinks to quench ye thirst!We much grub to satisfy ye all,There be a salad bar,a Seafood Bar and Seafood BBQ,And such meats in the Meat bar and Meat BBQ that will fill ye bellies for those that need it!


Arrrgh Me fine Shipmates join me and my Beautiful Date Queen Nellie of the High Seas and partake of ye favourite drink ,and toast to a fine party of Drinking,Feasting and Dancing and any other shenanigans ye may think Of!   AVAST!!!!

And now meet thee Guests of me Gathering! Arrrrghh Tis a fine Gathering of shipmates!All of me Blogging and FaceBook Pals where thee party continues  at Speedy’s Annual Pirate Party! on FaceBook Tis Time For Speedy’s Pirate Party at Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny! Aye come Join us and meet me Shipmates! xx Captain Speedy of the SS Speedy!

Note From Speedy’s Mum: I will be updating any guests who join via Facebook or emailed throughout the weekend,email you photo’s to final email entries will be by 4pm uk time on Sunday 20th.All guest updates will be done on Speedy’s main blog and the facebook party.

Pirate Party Info UPDATE!


Just an Update on my Pirate Party,I know you all have busy parents so to help you all out and so that you don’t miss out on my party I am hosting my party on my Facebook page as well CLICK HERE.

The Party will be running Saturday and Sunday so all photos entered by email here and on Facebook will be entered in the Competition and Mum has agreed to update the party here with everyones photos throughout the weekend too and you can still send them in by email till 4pm UK time on Sunday to So you have no excuse to missing my Party!

Pirate Party Reminder

Just a Reminder to you all that you have till 17th September to get your pirate party Photos into my mum to enter for the best dressed Pirate at my Party on Saturday!

pirate Speedy

Its going to be so much fun,lots of grub,Grog,Music and Dancing and all sorts of games you don’t want to miss my party on Speak like a pirate day!

So send in your photos of you in your costumes to

Sunday Selfie

These were taken a few weeks ago on a very short lived outing that lasted about 10 minutes before the heavens opened up!DSC_0070-EFFECTS




See the rain?And we have more coming in tonight and lots next week after having an nice week this week!

Don’t forget to check out all about my Pirate Party next week you have until the 17th to send you photo’s in to be in with a chance at being the best dressed pirate giveaway!


Click the badge to see everybody else’s Selfies!xx Speedy