Introducing My Date for My Pirate Party on International Speak like a Pirate Day!

It is my pleasure to introduce Queen of the High Sea’s….Queen Nellie from The Cat from Hell as My Date for my Pirate Party!


She had us cartoonised specially for the preparations for the big day!


So The Pirate Party is Set for the 19th September on Speak like a Pirate day here’s the  Official web site for Speak like a Pirate day as some of you seem to think it’s on the 16th that was last years date.Anyway as it is a Saturday they have decided to make it a big weekender event,check out the website to find out all about it!

So you need to get your costumes dusted off and send in your photo’s to my Mummy at by the 17th so we can add you to the party post!There will be plenty of grub,grog  and music and games on my Ship the SS Speedy and remember this is the big weekender of an event and the best dressed Pirate will win a special prize!

Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny don’t forget to hop on over and say hi,xx Speedy


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