Tis Time for SPeedy’s Pirate Party!

Captain Speedy

Welcome all ye Pirates and Piratess’s,Seadogs and Scallywags to Me party,There be Many a barrel of grog and Aye Rum!And many other drinks to quench ye thirst!We much grub to satisfy ye all,There be a salad bar,a Seafood Bar and Seafood BBQ,And such meats in the Meat bar and Meat BBQ that will fill ye bellies for those that need it!


Arrrgh Me fine Shipmates join me and my Beautiful Date Queen Nellie of the High Seas and partake of ye favourite drink ,and toast to a fine party of Drinking,Feasting and Dancing and any other shenanigans ye may think Of!   AVAST!!!!

And now meet thee Guests of me Gathering! Arrrrghh Tis a fine Gathering of shipmates!All of me Blogging and FaceBook Pals where thee party continues  at Speedy’s Annual Pirate Party! on FaceBook Tis Time For Speedy’s Pirate Party at Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny! Aye come Join us and meet me Shipmates! xx Captain Speedy of the SS Speedy!

Note From Speedy’s Mum: I will be updating any guests who join via Facebook or emailed throughout the weekend,email you photo’s to rachel.dejong28@googlemail.com final email entries will be by 4pm uk time on Sunday 20th.All guest updates will be done on Speedy’s main blog and the facebook party.


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