The Votes are in and counted…The Winner is……

pirate Speedy

Hello Everybody!Today is the day everybody has been waiting for…..The votes are in and counted!

The Competition was a grand Pirate Battle in which I am happy to say everybody got votes!Not one of you were on 0 once the votes cast here and on Facebook had been counted and That Makes you all winners to me so here is a badge for you all!

Speedy's Pirate Party

But in the end the Battle came down between two Pirates…..

Captain Basil Blackheart 3The Crimson Revenge with Cap'n Basil & Crew

Captain Basil and the crew of the Crimson Revenge!


And Captain Sushi!

But in the end there can be only ONE WINNER and for the Second year in a row it is……

                                                   CAPTAIN SUSHI!!!!!

Never have I seen so many votes cast before and I can’t wait till next years Party!

Hehehe but guess what I have another party coming up next weekend….what’s that more partying from The Cheekiest of Bunnies?Saturday 3rd October is my 4th Birthday so Join me at my Pub “Down The Rabbit Hole”!


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