Twas The Night Before Halloween Finale!

Halloween adventure

To see the first part of my Adventure Twas The Night Before Halloween Part 1!

spooky chapel

Twas at the stroke of Midnight

When a strange eerie light came over that Bun!

He shivered and shimmered and came all over a quiver!

There in the grave yard no longer a Bun!


Our Speedy transformed for All Hallows Eve!

Happy Halloween EveryBun!

But don’t worry He scored the best treats for you all!





pumpkin risotto

pumpkin risotto





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Twas the Night Before Halloween!

Twas the Night before Halloween,

Not a creature was stirring,

Except for a Bunny called Speedy!

Looking for an adventure

To share with his chums

Halloween adventure

Searching for candy

And Tasty Treats for his Chums!

He came upon a House

That was Spooky indeed!


The Jack ‘O’ Lanterns were Creeping

And Sneaking!

Too Scary to behold upon this strange Night!

pumpkin patch

Onward He searched through the night!

Not wanting to give up

On those tasty Snacks!

And there in the distance

Stood a Chapel looking Spooky at Night!

spooky chapel

If you want to know what Happened Next,Then come back tomorrow!

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Speedy’s Movie Day

Speedys Movie Day

Welcome to another Movie Day!Todays show is not all about me…can you believe that?Hehehehe Well my Aunty Anita sent me a link for this really cool bunny video on Youtube ,so I thought I would post it for all of you to see.Then I went looking for some more on Youtube.So sit back and relax and enjoy the show!

This one is from My Aunty Anita:

And now for the ones I found:

And now for the finale!

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Disapproving Bun Day!

Welcome to another Disapproving Bun Day!This week’s star is Princess and she and her companion are plotting against her Humans!


“Shhhhh here she comes!”

Thanks to Princess’s mum Dorothy for sending this in!

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