Sunday selfie


Yes this one is from last year during the run up to Christmas,which reminds me My Christmas Count Down starts on the first of December this is the first reminder.Every Year I have my Christmas Count Down where you all send in photo’s of yourselves (if Possible) with your Christmas Trees and Decorations and I post them each day right up to Christmas Day!You need to email them in to closing date is Christmas Eve midnight UK time….how ever whatever is in mummys email box when she gets up will be posted on Christmas Day so you can sneak some in at the last minute….hehehe….shhh don’t tell her I said you could it will be our secret!

And don’t Forget my favourite 3 will get a surprise Christmas gift mailed out to them….that way Christmas lasts a bit longer!Hope you all join in,each year gets bigger and better!

And Finally We send our thoughts and prayers to Paris and France after the shocking attacks there Friday.



Don’t forget to hop on over to Sunday Selfie at Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny to see everybody in the blog hop,xx Speedy

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