Speedy’s Movie Day


With Thanksgiving over and Black Friday being here its time for Movie Day to be more Christmassy!So we start of with a video of our lights that we do every year outside followed by a couple of favourite songs.

I hope you enjoyed these clips,I know I did.

Don’t forget my Christmas Countdown starts next week in the 1st December so send in your photo’s of your Decorations with you in them if possible and if you celebrate Hanukkah then we would love to have that theme too!so send in the photo’s to rachel.dejong28@googlemail.com with the last entries to be sent in by 5am UK time , as long as it’s in mummy’s mail box by the time she gets up in the morning( which is about 5am)you will get to be posted on Christmas day for the final post.Remember my favourite 3 will win a surprise christmas gift after the big day!

And Guess what I got my 1st Christmas Card today! WOOHOO!


Speedy’s Movie Day at Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny

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