Speedy’s Christmas Countdown December 5th!

Well hello there everybody it’s day 5 of my countdown and I am so behind with catching up with everybunny,But on the plus side mummy has finished the decorations ,but yet to take more photo’s but she will.So lets show some more pals starting with Lakia and Vaks all dress up for christmas…hehehe some how I don’t think they were to happy about it…

Lakia + Vaks

And then Hoppy’s mum sent in one of her tree and decorations to complete her entry so of course we want to see Hoppy again don’t we?….

Hoppy-susan mcneal

hoppy+Susan Mcneal's tree

hoppy+Susan Mcneal's decs

and then I got some more ecards which mummy is going to print of like she always does and put them on my door in the kitchen….oh and I got my first paper card too!

This is fromThe ATCAD


These are Gizmo and Ebony

Ebony xmas

Gizmo xmas

And Mummy Sabine and Hermann from the Wollsocken Paradies

sabine's buns1

sabines bun's2

Don’t forget you have till Christmas Morning 5am UK time to email your photo’s of your trees and decorations with you in them is possible at rachel.dejong28@googlemail.com or you can post them on my Facebook event ,all photo’s will be posted on both sites and remember my favourite 3 will win a surprise gift after the big day!

Speedy’s Christmas Countdown at Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny


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