Speedy’s Christmas Countdown December 11th!

Only 14 more sleep to go to the big day!Mummy has been busy today.She started decorating the Christmas Cake today and she did an arrangement in a reindeer and sleigh  she has.I can’t show you the cake till it finish but I can show the arrangement…..


and I received some Christmas card yesterday and today so I can give you a tally……

Speedy Ecards:10   Paper Cards:4

Mummy Ecards:0    Paper Cards:3

Joint Ecard:0      Paper Cards:2

Hehehe I’m doing Pretty good on the card front so far and Mummy tries to print out all the e-cards where she can so I can have a look at them on my door in the kitchen.I’ll get her to take a photo when she has put today’s on the doors!

Mummy has been sending all the Christmas Cards out this week so you all need to check your inbox and spam box on your email as we use Jacquie Lawson ecards,they are really beautiful and are animated too,if you haven’t had one yet or you would like to have on send me a note to mummy’s email below and I’ll make sure you get one.I don’t want any of my pals missing out on one of these E-cards

Now here is today’s entry for my Countdown its from Camilla and Sweeney from Collected Moments- Bunnies……..

Cammila-collected moments


Sweeny collected Moments


Don’t they look Fabulous? Don’t forget you can also see all the latest entries on my Facebook Event too!

So Send in your Photo’s of your tree’s and decorations with you in them if possible,if not no worries to rachel.dejong28@googlemail.com or you can post them on my Facebook Event to enter.You have till 5am Christmas Morning to get them in as that is when mum gets up to give me my breakfast and remember my Favourite 3 will win a surprise gift after the big day!

Speedy’s Christmas Countdown at Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny


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