Speedy’s Christmas Countdown December 23rd!

Gosh Tomorrow is Christmas Eve so the big day is nearly upon us…they presents are wrap and ready to be delivered to all of you who have been good this year but first we must continue with the countdown and we have a great one today its from our Kitty pal Savannah….

Speedy xmas photo contest Savvy

Hehehe Savvy always knows how to make me giggle!

And I have the winner of the ASPCA Holiday gift pack it seems Speedy was being naughty today and didn’t want to pick the winner so I am afraid I had to pick the winner,unfortunately the YouTube app on my phone is playing up So I will post the video tomorrow

Holiday Giveaway 2015

Anyway the Winner is Siddhartha at The Purrfect Pad! So Congrats To Siddhartha!

Its not too late to send in or post your entries to my Christmas Count and don’t forget you can see all the latest entries at my Facebook Event!

So Send in your Photo’s of your tree’s and decorations with you in them if possible,if not no worries to rachel.dejong28@googlemail.com or you can post them on my Facebook Event to enter.You have till 5am Christmas Morning to get them in as that is when mum gets up to give me my breakfast and remember my Favourite 3 will win a surprise gift after the big day!

Mummy has been sent all the Christmas Cards out so you all need to check your inbox and spam box on your email as we use Jacquie Lawson ecards,they are really beautiful and are animated too.It’s not too late to get one from me so if you would like to have one send me a note to mummy’s email above and I’ll make sure you get one.I don’t want any of my pals missing out on one of these E-cards

Now the card tally is at…

Speedy E-cards:20   Paper Cards:8

Mummy E-cards:1    Paper Cards:18

Joint E-cards:5         Paper Cards:8

And for those who just want to grab a quick E-card from me here’s one for you!


Speedy’s Christmas Countdown at Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny


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