Speedy’s Review!

Hey everyone I’m doing another review today,this one is on my first Castle mummy and daddy ever gave me.They got it from Amazon.co.uk and its the Fuzzballs Castle Large for Guinea pigs and Rabbits.


Mum found it very easy to put together but we found that the 1st floor was not strong enough for me being a medium size bunny so I never used it.And the door ways were a bit small so she had to make them a bit bigger for me.



It was tough for me to chew through and mum only had to repair it a little bit to make it last a full year.She also raised the 1st floor and turned it in to a roof so I could stand on my hind legs when inside it.


And here is a minor repair!


While it was a great castle and it lasted against my bunstructions it really is more for Guinea pigs and dwarf rabbits as it was a little small for me and would be no good for large giant type rabbits.

Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny


8 responses

  1. Wel, that does look like a Great house, we would come visit you in that… Good you were able to ‘redecorate’ it to your needs 🙂

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