Easter Origins – Did you know?

Easter in Christianity celebrates the rebirth of Christ after he gave his life in sacrifice for Humanity’s sins,But did you know that Easter has its roots in Pagan tradition?

The Egg is a universal symbol of life and renewal so it is not surprising that it for centuries the egg has be associated with Easter.

Easter Egg tree

photo from newsonia.com

However the pagan roots are in the Pagan Festivities, The Venerable Bede (672-735 AD),A christian Scholar wrote that Easter was named after the Great Mother Goddess of the Saxon people “Eostre”.

The Goddesses favourite animal was the Hare.Legend Has it that the Goddess found an injured bird in winter and she transformed it into a Hare so that it could survive the winter,the hare found it could lay eggs which it decorated each spring and left them as offerings to the goddess.Providing one explanation of the origins of the Easter Bunny.


easter card

Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny


4 responses

  1. Speedster, you are my all season favorite bunny, but it us fun to think of you filling up all those Easter Baskets. Easter eggs can be so beautiful…like those Fabrrage eggs, or the really detailed Russian ones. Do Bunnies eat hard cooked eggs?

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