Speedy’s Movie Day

Speedys Movie Day

Hello Everybody its time for movie day and I have lots to share with you today,so sit back with some snacks and enjoy the show….

This was a little outing I had just before Christmas….


These are some videos that Google put together for me…




This one is of my Scrambling adventure the full length movie….


And this one is from my latest trip to my Favourite woods from last week….


Hope you enjoyed the show!

Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny


5 responses

  1. Speedy, whenever we read your blog, it reminds Mama of The Beach Boys song, I Get Around….your Mama might not be old enough to remember the Beach Boys. They were HUGE when Mama was in High School, back in the Dark Ages….you can find them on YouTube…give a listen if you are so inclined and let us know what you think…….Happy Easter precious one!

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