Speedy’s Movie Day!

Speedys Movie Day

Welcome to another Movie Day!Today’s movies are from this week,the first is from my outing yesterday I went back to my favourite woods and the 2nd one is from today my first trip to a little beach called Wembury and it’s right on the coastal path so lots of exploring to do….



Hope you enjoyed my movies today….but here are some photo’s too!


Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny


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  1. I think there was a bit of “peemail” communication going on in the first movie. Your beach fascinated me. It is so different to our beach which is made of miles and miles of sand (which gets in EVERYTHING! and I do mean EVERYTHING!) LOL! ❤

    • Oh we do have long Yellow/white sandy beaches to but the closest ones to us are about an hour and a half away on the north coast,the south coast we have a mix of grey/black sand or different coloured pebble beaches which then turn to flint shingle as you travel up the coast to paignton it becomes red sand and then a bit further its more yellow and the you hit the Dorset coast and its back to pebbles and shingle and then it goes back to lovely white/yellow sandy stretches of beach especially as you head towards Bournemouth.we have a varied coastline here.xx Rachel

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