Our Coastline part 1

Today I thought I would share with you our coastline here in the southwest we have all type of beaches so starting with the closest ones to us on the south coast we have…..

Wembury,South Devon:


Bigbury on sea and Burgh Island,South Devon:

bigbury 1bigbury 2bigbury and burgh island

Slapton Sands, South Devon:

Slapton sands 1Slapton sands 2Slapton sands 3DSC_0341

Blackpools Sands ,South Devon:

Blackpool sands 1Blackpools sands 2Blackpool sands and speedy

Brixham area,South Devon:

Brixham area beaches

Paignton,South Devon:

paignton 1paignton 2DSC_0391 (1)

Budleigh Salterton,South Devon:

Budleigh Salterton 1Budleigh Salterton 2

Ladram Bay,South Devon:

Ladram bay

Sidmouth,South Devon:

Sidmouth 2Simouth 1




weymouth 1weymouth 2


pool area beachPoole area beach

Sandbanks with stretches to Bournemouth,Dorset:

Sand banks 1sand banks 2

These are just some example of our coastline and beaches running from our closest in south Devon running to the Dorset coast next week we will show the south Cornwall coast and start on the north coast!

Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny


10 responses

  1. Speedy so wonderful to see you by the sea:) and such lush beauty..we have very different beaches and coasts but i think the ocean is just as beautiful no matter where you are 🙂 loves Fozziemum xxx

  2. Dorset dunes very similar to ours, otherwise most US beaches have fine sand, New England being the exception. Southern baches have even finer, sand, and the Florida/Alabama coast has sand as white and fine as sugar…,at least that’s what Mama tells me…I’ve not been to the beach yet. We both love your red jmpet- very smart indeed and very beachy looking! Xxxxx your pal Skyler

  3. What a beautiful and eclectic shoreline you have Speedy. The first picture of Wembury, could have been a picture and it would be a picture I’d buy. I loved seeing you in different pictures of the shoreline….you are one well travelled bunny.


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