Sunday Selfies

Yay its Sunday so back to Sunday Selfies!

This was taken the week before I went to the sitters,mum says I look chubby but I am happy to say the mum thinks I have lost a bit of weight while she was away which she says it no bad thing since the vet said I need to lose bit of weight so yay for that!

and this was me snoozing in the sun a bit later the same day!

Anyway when I was at the sitters I would go out in their garden in a run mum put up for me from 8am till just before it got dark which was about 9pm,only going inside for my meals and bedtime.I had great accommodation at the sitters with a huge enclosure in the spare room and I always had company either with the human sitters Uncle Colin and Aunty Annie or with their 3 bearded Collies who would come and lay beside my run in the garden or by my enclosure in the spare room,an I had lots of cuddles too!They gave mummy a good report about my behaviour ,they said I was a very good boy,no trashing my enclosure or giving little nips either….hehehe not like last time!I had lots of fun at the sitters!But when mum came to get me she scooped me up into her arms for a cuddle and I snuggled in so tight to her neck to let her know that I had missed her too even though I had fun while she was away…..its good to be home!


Sunday Selfies with the Cat on My Head

Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny

9 responses

  1. That sounds like a fun adventure at the sitters but being home is best. Easy made me laugh. The vet won’t even speak until the critter gets weighed. Obsessed they are!

  2. You are looking very fit indeed Speedy, and so good to read that you had a great at the Sitters…sounds like very nice a comodations. But there is no one like your Mum, and no place like home. An excellent report! Xxxxx Skyler

  3. Speedy! Sweetie! Yous looks more than marvelous! And mes don’t thinks yous looks chubby at all. Mes thinks yous looks magnificent.
    Mes also LOVES your new header!!!
    PS Mes dreamed about yous!!!

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