Speedy’s Movie Day!


Another day at the beach for me South Milton,its a pretty little place.Only 2 movies today Just me Chilling with Mummy,As I already had been for my explorations and played with some children so this was time for chilling with mummy.



In the end as I just wanted to stay with in the beach tent ,play pen and our camp area mummy stopped clipping on the lead.I would just go in those shaded areas and back to the playpen!And mummy was very impressed that I didn’t try to escape on my own…well with all the refreshments on paw why would I?…hehehe….

Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny


11 responses

  1. Hey guys, little kids are another kettle of fish. They are loud and upsetting and I run and hide. Kali likes the little bums but not me. I think Kali’s deaf anyway, You, Speedy are so cute in your tent…absolutely tuckered.


  2. My Jack is very naughty with children (except for his human brother) and would actually bite if he could. I have to keep him and children a huge distance from each other. You have a lovely temperament Speedy Rabbit! I wouldn’t want to run away from your tent either. ❤

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