Disapproving Bun Day!

Today it’s all about me I’m afraid…..mummy to me to the vets for a health check and to get my New Vaccination the RVHD type 2……

                   So this is what I gave mummy the back of disdain!

On a positive note I was weighed and I have lost about 200g ,I still have some more to lose but its going down so that keeps everybody happy ……How ever I wasn’t keen on the stabby thing and then a door slammed really loud so I decided I had had enough of that and promptly turned around and jumped up into mummy’s arms and hit her chin with my bonse (Head) and got her red lippy all over my face and neck with mum complaining I have a hard head….hehehehe I had to chuckle at that one till I got home and mum washed the red lippy off of me!*Thump!*

Note from Mummy:

Speedy is normally very good at the Vets,even with injections and this is the first time he hasn’t been thrilled by his visits to the vets so the only thing I can put it down to it the fact that Speedy and his dad met me at the vets after I finished work.Normally Speedy is sat on my lap for car journeys in his carrier and this time he wasn’t.and normally I have the harness on Speedy so he can have a little wander on the chairs in the vets and dad didn’t put it on him or even bring it with him on this occasion.And for the record a bunny’s head is hard,I saw stars for a few second after that incident but Speedy is okay and has stuffed his face in the garden and had lots of salad and snacks.

Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny


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