A Bit of an apology from us and some changes

First we have to Apologise for being sporadic with blogging and visiting you all lately Things have been a bit hectic at the house of Speedy what with family and life stuff and trying to get Speedy out as much as we can before the weather turns horrid ,and horrible for us is rain for weeks on end or even months at a time.Last winter it pretty much rained every day for us and that meant being stuck in doors all the time.

And as you can see Speedy it already disapproving at the thought of that prospect so we are changing the days we post except for when we do something Special like the Christmas Count down cause that is done every day from the 1st of December till Christmas day.So from Monday Disapproving Bun Day will be on a Monday…I mean we all disapprove of Mondays so what better day to move to?Speedy’s Movie day will be on most Thursdays…I say most Thursdays because if we manage to get out and make some extra movies we may leave it till the Friday, and of course we will still be doing Sunday Selfies on Sunday’s.

I’m hoping that doing things this way will allow me to get ahead with writing the posts and be able to keep up with everything else at home and online, and may be do some fun impromptu posting too from time to time!After all this is all about fun for you and for myself and Speedy.

Thank you all for Sticking with us

Mum Rachel


7 responses

  1. Hi Rachael…we are in the same boat my friend. So no need to fuss. It seems something is always happening or I must do something that should take a minute or two and I’m busy for hours. It’s dang frustrating! Do your real life stuff and we will see you when we can.

  2. Dear Rachael & Speecy…no worries! I can’t remember Skyler’s last blog. It’s supposed to be fun, not a chore. It is hard for Mama to keep up with everyone on a daily basis, and we don’t follow that many blogs. Take good care, do what you need to, and we will see you when we see you. Xxxxx Skylet

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