Our Visitor is Back!

Hi everyone!Do you remember our Special Visitor last week?

Well he or she is back to stay.He/she wasn’t doing very well down uncle Colin’s,Sometimes it happens that way…sometimes they don’t like being kept in small spaces and then stop eating.So mummy and Dady decided to bring him/her home and made a couple of nests un the the garden shed and stuffed him in one and left lots of food and water under the shed for it.Well the next morning he bowls were nearly empty so they the left more last night and this morning it was empty again…so that is good news!

Now Daddy made a nest box for him/her to put in the greenhouse and mummy cleared out the greenhouse to make room for the nest box and she made a doorway in one of the panels for the hedgehog so it can go in and out as it pleases.As of now the Hedgehog is in the nest box with it next meal by the door so it can find its way outside.Mummy also left the nest under the shed in case it wants to go back there but the green house will be better if we get rain and to monitor when it goes in to hibernation.So we are feeding it up so it can hibernate as at the moment it is still a bit small.

Mummy was going to take some photo’s but it had some ticks on it so mummy and daddy had to remove them,it still has 2 near its face that they couldn’t get at so they left them and mum thought it was best to put it in the nest box after the manhandling and leave it alone.Our Garden is secure so it has the run of the garden to keep it safe, then come spring if it survives winter we will open up the garden so it can leave if it wants to. 

 Our hedgehog is almost the size of the small one in this photo so you can see why it needs a little help.

Did you know that Hedgehogs in the uk are endangered and if Humans don’t try to help they could be gone by 2020?


8 responses

  1. Cats and Kittens Speedy!!!! We’ve never seen a hedgehog dat big befur. We’re a little confused tho’. Are ya’ll lettin’ da little guy run furee? Not judgin’ here, just confused. Ya’ know they sell ’em here and you’re posed to keep them in cages of some sort. We truly don’t know much ’bout them, but we just didn’t think they was posed to be wild?. Hmmmmmm We’re gonna hush now, cuz we’re just confusin’ ourselves even more. MOL Big hugs fur all of ya’

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    • The pet Hedgehogs are african pigmy Hedgehogs but here in the UK we have a wild Species also know as the european Hedgehog which grows much bigger.they can have 2 litters one in spring and one in late summer it’s the late summer Juvenile hedgehogs the need a bit of help,especially as food has been scarce for them this year.it is confusing for you in the US when you hear about Hedgehogs ,xx Speedy

  2. hello speedy its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow yore howse has ben invayded by a ninja hedjhog!!! it must be sum kind of diffrent groop frum the wuns wot i always hav to deel with mine ar all naymd norman and they dont seem to ever hibernayt!!! i hope yore hedjhog mayks it thru the winter ok!!! ok bye

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