Disapproving Bun Day

Hello everyone it’s Disapproving Bun Day today and I can tell you I’m a bit peeved!We had our first named winter storm over the weekend we had so much wind and rain that Mummy was so worried about Reggie the Hedgehog so she end going out to the greenhouse to put some extra food down in case the little fella didn’t want to go outside to the other feeding stations but Reggie did go and brave all that rain.we had a cold dry day yesterday and then in the evening more rain moved in it did get better for awhile this afternoon but that rain is back everything is sopping wet except for under the shed and under the BBQ where the other 2 feeding Stations are.I think both Reggie and Me are both fed up with the rain!

Anyway its time for our star she’s a cute girl called Babs and Her owner has a blog called The Honking Goose

          “The Paparazzi is at it again!”

Thanks To Babs Human for sending her in!

We always need photo’s of your Disapproving Bunnies so send them into rachel.dejong28@googlemail.com

And for more Disapproving Bunnies hop on over to Disapproving Bun


3 responses

  1. we had this evil storm too….. and today we feel like living in venice :o( that was so nice to check if Reggie is ok… hugs to your mom. I love your bunny-friend, he found a super place to be covered from the rain… in case it comes though the roof top :O)
    btw: the aspca prize came today!!! many many thanks, I will pubslih my post about tomorrow…

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