Reggie the Hedgehog Up Date

Hello everyone!I just thought I would give you all an Update on Reggie the Hedgehog…..Would you believe Mummy and Daddy saw Reggie last night?Yup they saw him out of the back bedroom window having a nose about and then Run to the shed.Reggie scooted underneath to its food bowl to chow down.And the Reggie work mummy up about 3.30am rattling the side gate to grandma’s.Reggie isn’t allowed in there as grandma has a pond and we don’t want Reggie to end up in there so the gate is blocked of each night.Anyway cause Reggie woke mummy up she popped her head out of the window with a torch and she saw Reggie scuttling off down to the BBQ,so she got to see Reggie twice.Mummy says Reggie looks in good condition,still a bit on the small side but then Reggie is young and it takes a long time for Hedgehogs to put on weight.

Reggie Definitely only like pate style cat and dog foods but duck seems to be the favourite so mummy mashes a tray of that up and splits it in to 2 bowls mixed with duck and turkey kibble and meal worms one in the greenhouse where Reggie’s next box is with a bowl of water and one under the shed with a dish of water and then as an extra treat a small dish of mealworms under the BBQ.the next morning all that is left is a couple bits of the kibble in each bowl with everything else gone.

We did have a little problem with a cat coming in for a few days,it was trying to go for Reggie’s food but mum put up some extra chicken wire fencing and that seems to have stopped the cat.The next project is to seen if the front garden can be Reggie proofed at night to give Reggie some extra roaming space till the spring…..we will let you know if that can be done.Sorry no photos of Reggie as it was to dark and mum forgot to grab her phone too so we will just have to leave you with one of me instead!


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