December 22nd day 22 of my Christmas and Holiday Countdown!

OMB only 3 sleeps to go till we get that Special visit from the big guy in the red suit…..are you excited?I am and we have lots to do still,starting with my Christmas Card.For those of you that I don’t have your email for to send out my Special card from Jacquie Lawson which you can send me to the email below if you would like one or you can just help your selves to this one….

And for those of you who celebrate Hanukkah this one is for you…

Now onto our next offerings for my Countdown….We have a very Special non Christmas tree with the new Boy pup in town at EasyBlog….its Da Phenny!

Its Da Phenny’s 1st Christmas you know so hop on over and welcome him to Blogville and if you have his email how about sending Da Phenny his own Special Christmas Cards too.Then we have Shoko and Kali over at The Canadian Cats…

2 Great Kitties who look like they are getting spoiled this Christmas!

Now you still have time to enter my Countdown all you need to do is send in your photo’s of your Christmas Trees and Decorations or your Hanukkah themed photo’s or seasonal holiday decoration photo’s with you in them if you can and email the to or post them on my Facebook event which is in 2 parts: Event part 1 here and Event part 2 here ! You have till 5am UK time on Christmas Morning to get you entries in as that is when Mummy turns the PC on….yes she is an early riser!All entries will be posted here and on the FB events……And remember My favorite 3 will win a surprise gift to carry on the holiday spirit a bit longer!


4 responses

  1. Speedy you Hanukkah Card is the sweetest thing I ever saw!!! And many thanks for my own christmouse card!!! It’s great to be in your countdown-posts with Shoko&Kali, I like cats and I bet together we would rock my first christmas ;o)

  2. Awww! Speedy you are just adorable dressed for Hunakka. Da Phenny is just a little miracle and those two pretty cats! I am loving your count down. XXX

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