Sunday Selfies and some news!

Hi everyone we are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie’s Blog hop today!

                                        The Perfect Selfie I think!

Now for Some News first just a quick update on Reggie the Hedgehog has now been Hibernating for 6 weeks with Mum checking the bowl of dry cat food/kibble daily and changing the water.

2nd Mum put a hanging Bird table in one of the trees in the front garden and a ground feed tray underneath plus a water bowl and we now have Blue tits,Great tits,Coal tits ,House Sparrows,Robins and Black birds visiting for a good nosh up.And on the shed roof in the back garden she has a little tray for the wood pigeons and ring necked doves to feed at.We are hoping the at some point we will get some Chaffinches too but we will have to wait and see on that.

3rd I want to say thank you to you all for coming to my 5th Gotcha Day PartyI We had a blast didn’t we?I all so got some Gotcha Day cards from some of my friends.The 1st one is from Doc and Fozziemum ,the 2nd one is from my dearest Nellie and the last one is from my pal Purince Siddhartha Henry!

And Finally the Big News!I am now a roving reporter for Carma over at Carma Yesterday I did my first post for Carma so can you hop on over to take a look see At my first post.As those of you who know her She isn’t very well at the moment so could you also send her some POTP as well cause she is a great gal which is why Mum and me are helping out over there too!

6 responses

  1. Very exciting updates Spredy. You and your Mummyare such good souls. I am sorry to have missed celebrating your Gottcha Day. My Mama is writing this for me, as She had to buy me a ticket to the Bridge. I had a brief but intense illness that shut down my kidneys, and we both wanted me to leave with my dignity intact. So I am watching Mama from above now. In a totally uncharacteristic move, she adopted a 16 month old female Scottie named Fiona. Fiona does not have own blog right now, but you can see her on Mama’s FB page, Michele van Gobex. I think she will make you smile. Take good care Speedy. I get to see all my pals from above, so I will be watching out for you, Reggie, your Mummy, the birds, and al, our other blogging friends.. With love, Skyler Braveheart’s Mama.

    • We are so very sorry to hear you had to leave,we had heard you were poorly.Still I am sure you are the life and soul of the party up there.Mum sent your mum a friends request so we can follow Fiona and see how you mama is too,much love to you both,xx Speedy and Rachel

  2. It was a super pawty, Speedy…we’re still full from all the snacks. Very cool gotcha greetings from some pawsome fur-iends! Big time kudos for helping out Carma. We sent her POTP greetings yesterday and hoping she feels better soon. ❤︎

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