Sunday Selfie and a welcome to Blogville to a new Kitty in town!

Well its Sunday so that means its time for us to join in with The Cat on My Heads Sunday Selfies Blog Hop…..

This is from Yesterday it was almost Spring like….the sun was out and it was warm enough for me to go with out a a fleece coat so a visit to the moors was on order for the day…..but I didn’t see any ponies piffle!

And today we are welcoming a new Baby man kitty about town!So welcome to Teddy K From the Newly renamed Two Spoiled Cats and Angel Sammy’s new baby Brother.Teddy is already making him self feel right at home with Angel Sammy to watch over him!Hop on over to Dory’s Back Yard to join in the Blog hop with was organised by Furiends Furever and Madi and Mom!

Mum still has her Bug except she has been almost non stop coughing….she’s said she’s fed up with it now and that its time for the bug to vacate the building….I have to agree with her.Cuddle time is difficult when you’re being shook about by coughing!

The Cat on My Heads Sunday Selfies


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  1. So glad Angel Sammy now has Teddie! Like Skyler has Fiona. I have some encouragement to crank up Skyler’s blog, and turn it over to Fiona, but haven’t fully thought it through. Sorry about the ponies Spedster….hope Mummy is fully recovered.

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