Speedy’s Movie Day

Hello everyone!Just one Movie today and a little story…..but first the movie!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4JwTiBsIXsNow for the little Story….Yesterday I did go on an adventure but mum didn’t take any movies or photo’s of me because it was a day just for me and mummy.We went out with me in my stroller…..my Speedy mobile and she took me for my first ever Bus journey it lasted about 45 minutes.When we got of the bus we nipped in to a shop to see a friend of mummy’s who knows all about me but has never actually met me….hehehehe and he loved me!

Then it was time to take me to a well known spot and this is were we ended up!



And this is where I had a good run around and nibble.I had so much fun running about.It was a little windy but the sun was warm.When I got tired I let mum know and she popped me back in my Speedy Mobile and headed back to catch the bus back home but first we stopped off at an outdoor cafe where mummy had a cup of tea and a flapjack and I had my snacks….the best bit is mummy gave me a treat!She shared a bit of her flap jack with me just because it was our day out!Then it was time to catch the bus back to our village and the walk back home….it was the best mummy time ever!

Now we haven’t said where we went…we want to see if you can guess or find out where this is just for fun!We will let you know on Selfie Sunday where this was!So guess away in the comments below!


5 responses

  1. wow like in that song by Queen: another one rides the bus ;o) how was it to ride in a bus? is that scary? I never was in such a big rolling cage…. your country is beautiful and the mama always dreams about buying a house there… in penzance or cockington… but the lottery fairy is such a minx… sigh…

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