Friday Surprise From Ann at Zoolarty

OMB We are so excited today!Mummy open our email box just now to find we had a email from Dougie Dog,Zoey and their Mummy Ann from ZOOLARTY.

You can imagine our surprise when we read the lovely email and saw these to Headers attached to the email……

Aren’t they Fabulous?We love their work and I am sure you have seen other fine examples that they have done for many of our friends in Blogville!

So we want to Say a BIG THANK YOU to Mummy Ann over at ZOOLARTY for these beautiful Headers and to say we can’t wait to use them!

Now for another Reggie the Hedgehog Up Date:

Reggie hasn’t gone back to sleep which we are very thankful for because it really wouldn’t be good for Reggie to do that.He has been chowing down and eating everything mummy has been putting out for him.She has been gradually increasing the amount that she has been putting in his bowl each day.Here is today offering for Reggie…

This week she decide to buy some Hedgehog kibble to use instead of the cat kibble as Reggie wasn’t eating it all as she thought it might be difficult to get his / her little mouth around them.the first night she tried them with food Reggie left them behind so last night Mummy broke them up in to smaller pieces this morning Reggie’s bowl was completely empty so mummy will keep breaking them up for Reggie.So tonight’s dinner is Cesar classic pate doggy food in chicken and turkey with broken up hedgehog kibble and some meal worms on top with a nice drink of fresh water….hope he / she likes the menu tonight!


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