Thank Bunny its Friday!

OMB this week has been a long week…..It feels like Friday was dragging her heels in turning up this week SO Thank the Bunny its Friday is all I can say!

How ever I did get to go on an adventure yesterday and mum got to take some great photo’s with her new phone so I’ll start with some new photo’s and then finish with some old ones then you can decide what you think!

So we start with some views the first 4 were zoomed up a little…





and these 3 were just at the normal basic focus setting…



As you can see mum was playing a bit now on to me….


Now no playing on these just as they come the next ones mum played with some built in filters…



has to be said I do like the top 2…and to top it all I met this little guy…



And both mummy and me had pony kisses and I liked it….hehehe!


And then mum decide to take some close ups of this beetle…

Now for some old photo’s…..just a selection for a comparison!









Any way I hope you enjoyed the photo’s from yesterday’s adventure ,but I’ll let you decide on the photo’s….Me and Mummy think the new ones are heaps better!


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