Easter…..please make yours a chocolate Bunny!

Easter is nearly here so its time for one last reminder…..Please don’t Buy a real live rabbit for you children this Easter.Many Rabbits brought for Easter end up in shelters because children get bored with up,because they have injured us with their rough handling of us or because children get bitten by us because they have hurt us or scared us and many rabbits get dumped in the open to be set “Free”.So called “Setting us Free” is a death sentence for domestic bunnies…we don’t know how to survive in the wild,we get sick from eating food that is bad or we get killed by predators.

So This Easter Please buy your children chocolate bunnies or stuffed toy bunnies and save us real bunnies from injury and neglect.


6 responses

  1. I hope there are only chocolate or plush bunnies in the baskets of the kids…. I always cry when I see all the rabbits who appear after easter in our local small ads ;o(((( rabbits are pets and individuals… no toys or decoration… sigh….

  2. Great message. I hate to see rabbits being advertised at Easter, just as I hate seeing kitten and puppy promos at Christmas. I guess business and profits have no scruples whatsoever! Very sad.

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