Nellie Queen of Heaven Always and Forever!

Queen Penelope…..our Nellie Bellie has left us for the Rainbow Bridge.To some she was The Cat from Hell….that’s how most of us met her through her first Blog.To others She was Nellie on the Edge from her second blog.Those of us who knew her all loved and adored her as she ruled over us all in Blogville as we all should!She now rule over us from the Heavens above as Heaven has gained a Queen of Heaven to shine her light upon us all!

To me She was my Fun loving Darling Nellie Bellie who I exchanged visits and adventures with and yes some great date’s and Valentines







Nellie love to dance with us all!She would send presents and Valentines…





And when we were poorly she would visit us all making the perfect Nurse Nellie..

And her Famous Pumpkins and Pumpkin patch at Halloween that everyone loved



And she Always came to my Pirate parties…


But Her last gift to me was to spend Good Friday with me before she left for the Rainbow Bridge….



And a Special gift for you all to Remember Our Nellie Bellie…Queen of Heaven!

                                                  Till we Meet again!

Please Hop over to See Nellie’s Final gift and to say farewell


11 responses

  1. Speedy my tears are running like waterfalls… I miss her so much and I had such a sad feeling in my guts as I missed the daily gift-post in my reader…. Queen Penelope is always with me… in my heart and in my memory…

  2. Speedy this is such a beautiful memorial post for our Dear Queen Nellie. She was so special. You two had the most special relationship. Nellie was a gift that this world was blessed with. Luvs to you Speedy and Rachael.
    Marty and the Gang

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