Sunday Selfies

Yep its Sunday so its time for Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head….

These were taken on one of my adventures this week after our Heatwave broke down and left….now its back to damp stuff …Yuck!

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Summer Safety with Speedy and the ASPCA + Give away!

With Summer weather finally here ,we were asked to join up with the ASPCA and do a post on Keeping your pets Safe.In the U.S they will soon be having July 4th celebrations plus July 1st is ID Your Pet Day and the ASPCA have this great Great Pet Safety App which will help to you pet safe and help you in an emergency should they go missing.

 Another thing pet owners need to be aware of is the hot temperatures that can affect your pets.With the heat comes many dangers like pets over heating….remember they have fur or feather coats that they can’t take off.So keep them cool by keeping them indoors during the hottest times of the day,switch on the Air conditioning or use fans and wrapped frozen bottles of water to use as cool packs for your pets,close your drapes as it helps to keep the suns heat out of the house and most of all keep plenty of fresh water down for them.

Another thing to avoid is hot pavements as these can burn the paws of your pets if its to hot for you to walk barefoot on then its too hot for your pets,when your walk your pets take with you cold fresh water so that they can stay hydrated and most important of all never leave your pet in a car the sun will boil them causing heatstroke….heatstroke KILLS!

And now for the fun bit the ASPCA have lined up an ID Your Pet Gift Pack for one Lucky Winner,all you do is leave a comment below and Me and Mum will video the live drawing of the winner.You have till Tuesday 27th June to leave your comment and then we will do the draw to pick the winner!Good luck Everyone!

Speedy’s Movie Day…Summer Time Beach Fun!

Hi Everyone its been a while since we had a movie day so here is my latest adventure!

My latest adventure was at the beach… was a proper summery day,so Summer Time Beach Fun is here again for all of you to enjoy! here is the direct YouTube link here is the direct YouTube link here is the direct YouTube link here is the direct YouTube link,Please click on these links if you have trouble viewing them here.So there you have it the start of Summer for me….lets hope I get to enjoy many Summer time Adventures for you to see!

Carma our New Star in heaven

Last week we heard the sad news that Carma Poodale left for the Rainbow Bridge.Our Friend had been in decline for a while but had rallied for a time,she even managed to go to Blogpaws one more time and see all her pals.

Everyone who know’s Carma is going to miss that grand old Gal may she burn bright in the heavens above!

Borrowed from Carma

Please hop on over to her Facebook page or her blog Carma to send your Well wishes to her mama and her family

Run Free Till we Meet again Sweet Carma!

What a week!

Well what a week to start we will have an update on Reggie the Hedgehog…..

As you know I was at uncle Colin’s the sitters while mummy was away but he was also coming to our house to feed Reggie as well everyday.Well a couple of Days before mummy came home he stopped eating his food but a new hedgehog was seen coming to uncle Colin’s for some chow.When Mummy came home she continued to put food down for Reggie but still it wasn’t touched so she pulled out the nest from under the shed……it was empty….Reggie has gone looking for some girlfriends so we know now Reggie is a boy!Mummy has put fresh bedding under the shed in case he decides to come back but for now We wish Reggie good luck in his new adventures after his good safe start in life.

Next The Vet Visit…..

Wednesday I had to go to the vets for a health check and my Myxomatosis and RVHD type 1 combi vaccination.The health check went well as the lady vet checked my teeth and they are looking perfect.My weight is still the same at 3.2kg though she said I need to try and loose a bit and get below 3 kilos as I am still a bit over weight… rude to be talking about such things….but at least I haven’t gained any!and as for my Vaccination well I didn’t even feel it so its all good!

And then I had my first adventure for a few weeks…..







And this is my Base camp…



We was sent a Sansbug pop up Mosquito net tent to try out as an alternative play pen by Sansbug…..this was the first time trying it out so I’m still getting used to it…hehehe I’m not sure about it yet so we will keep using for a bit to see how I get on with it…..but I did go in it to inspect it…..



So we will give a full report on the Sansbug at a later date.


Sunday selfies with The Cat on My Head