What a week!

Well what a week to start we will have an update on Reggie the Hedgehog…..

As you know I was at uncle Colin’s the sitters while mummy was away but he was also coming to our house to feed Reggie as well everyday.Well a couple of Days before mummy came home he stopped eating his food but a new hedgehog was seen coming to uncle Colin’s for some chow.When Mummy came home she continued to put food down for Reggie but still it wasn’t touched so she pulled out the nest from under the shed……it was empty….Reggie has gone looking for some girlfriends so we know now Reggie is a boy!Mummy has put fresh bedding under the shed in case he decides to come back but for now We wish Reggie good luck in his new adventures after his good safe start in life.

Next The Vet Visit…..

Wednesday I had to go to the vets for a health check and my Myxomatosis and RVHD type 1 combi vaccination.The health check went well as the lady vet checked my teeth and they are looking perfect.My weight is still the same at 3.2kg though she said I need to try and loose a bit and get below 3 kilos as I am still a bit over weight…..how rude to be talking about such things….but at least I haven’t gained any!and as for my Vaccination well I didn’t even feel it so its all good!

And then I had my first adventure for a few weeks…..







And this is my Base camp…



We was sent a Sansbug pop up Mosquito net tent to try out as an alternative play pen by Sansbug…..this was the first time trying it out so I’m still getting used to it…hehehe I’m not sure about it yet so we will keep using for a bit to see how I get on with it…..but I did go in it to inspect it…..



So we will give a full report on the Sansbug at a later date.


Sunday selfies with The Cat on My Head

7 responses

  1. great bthat your vet gave you an aaaa++++ :o) and I love your basecamp, the mama said she will look for such a tent for me too… specially because it is a pup-up tent what needs no instructions :O))))

  2. aaww what a cutie you are dear friend. How rude of the vet. That’s not extra weight. That’s just extra fluff of your fur. Yeah, that’s the answer. Stick to that – snorts with piggy laughter. And Reggie is a boy – WOW! He’s out looking for Mrs. Reggie. So cute. I hope they come back! XOXO – Bacon

  3. Sweet Speedy we too wish Reggie all the best in his new adventure. We bet you really enjoyed getting to get back to your nice adventures. That tent looks pretty amazing, we will be anxious to hear if you end up liking it or not. Happy that you got a good report from the Vet. You all have a wonderful week. Hugs and nose kisses

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