Unique Blogger Award

Wow this is pawsome My friendly Viking at Cranny’s Cove Nominated for this great award,She has this great blog that covers all her musing from poetry to what ever she feels like writing about at her Blogging convenience store as she calls it,so you should check out this great blog

So here are the rules:

Link to the blog who showed you the love by Nominating you.

Answer the Questions you are given.

In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our Blogging family nominate 8 to 13 fellow bloggers.

Ask the people you nominate 3 questions.

So here are my answers to her Questions:

Name one weird attraction I could visit if I came to your city/country


Bowermans Nose Legend says that this rock formation was once a hunter who was turned in to stone by some annoyed witches.

Whats one thing on your Bucket list(don’t have a bucket list pretend?)

Hmmm well I have done most things but one thing I haven’t done yet is go on a camping trip with my mummy but is is planed for the future but mummy is waiting ont the weather to get better.

Whats one thing you would like to change about yourself ? Are you currently working on that ?

Hmmm well Bunnies are perfect so nothing about me would I change but us bunnies are working on world domination….Bunnies rule!

Now time for my Nominations well I don’t have so many because well I’m a bunny and we can do what we like:

Mimi Writes

Rumpy Dog

Crafty Green Poet

Home Sweet Home Wyoming

Tails around the Ranch

Erin the Cat Princess

Now for my 3 questions:

Where is the one place in the whole world you would like to visit and why?

What is your favourite Dish that you love above all others?

What is you favourite season and why?

8 responses

  1. Well deserved recognition, Speedy! And thank you for the nomination. I’m way behind on acknowledging award nominations receiving a couple Lovely Blog awards recently and this is like a cherry on top of the dish of ice cream. Thank you❣️

  2. I love your answers… and yes, I agree, you Bunnies are absolutely perfect furry creatures 🙂 Don’t change one small bit!! 🙂 *Big hugs*

    I’ll check out your blog buddies too!! 🙂

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