Sunday Selfies vacations and Updates

Yes its Sunday so that means its time for Sunday Selfies so I thought I would share some snaps with you from my little vacation…

this one is a bit blurry but its me travelling in the car,mummy has gotten me a new carrier so I can look out at the view or just go to sleep if I want to but I’ll share more on that in the future…

This is me in my Stroller….I went on my first train ride….how cool is that!

Me playing in front of the crowed!

One of the Locals!

Look I’m scrambling!

Pretty beach!

Me I found a smugglers cave!

Another day at the beach….life is good!

No filters or effects this is me at the beach being Devilishly Handsome!

Hey Everyone I’m just chilling at my Vacation Pad!

Now for some Updates and Reminders Don’t forget its my Pirate Party on Tuesday 19th September right through to 22nd so send in your photos of you in your best costumes either by Email  to or direct to my Party event on Facebook

And now For an Update on Mickey the Hedgehog,well a couple of days ago he went walk about mummy is still putting food down for him in case he wants to come back but if not we we wish him good luck and we thank him for stopping by and letting us help him when he needed it!Its as it should be Mickey is back in the wild so all is good!

Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head


7 responses

  1. Speedy, what a wonderful holiday! I bet lots of people want d their photos made with you, and your pawtograph…Mama just made up that word…thinks she is so darn clever… your new carrier too. Your Mummy is so clever! You will n Ed to write a blog ok of all your adventures! Mama would buy one. Xxxxx Fiona

  2. Hi Speedy and Mum…what a great adventure you had. Mom just sent via email my photo for your Pirate event. Hugs Madi your bfff
    PS I’m having a blanket volleyball event on 9/22 if you would like to pawticipate check out either my Saturday blog or tomorrow’s blog for info. Tomorrow is the last day to enter

  3. Dear Mr Speedy
    Queen Penelope has decreed that I Marvelous must participate in your Pirate Pawty! I am hoping we will hav e full crew…it all depends on if Mommy is well enough to get us all together with our pirate costumes. And if she can even find them!
    I am so looking forward to buckling some squash!
    What’s that Kozmo…?
    It’s Swashbucking???
    I am so looking forward to swashbuckling!
    Arrrrr my matey

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