Its Time To Party!Arrgh Mates Gather round!

Come Gather round all ye scurvy sea dog and and all manner of scoundrels its Time for Me Party so let me introduce ye all to me Pirate Mates!New Pirates will be add over thee next couple of days till 22nd September at Mid night UK time So ye St be ‘aving time to join thee rest of us and Party!And remember the best Dressed pirate will win me treasure!And don’t forget to Hop over to me Facebook Party too!

First we ‘ave me Canadian Kitty mates…. Kali

and Shoko…

Then we ‘ave our southern Gals….Dezi

and Raena…

Then we ‘ave Hailey

And Zaphod….

Then there be Teddy

Then there be Da Pheny

Then there be Tails around the ranch

Then there be Marvelous……

And ‘is crew…

And then we ‘ave Madi

And now there be The Real Cats Crew

Then We ‘ave Captain Felix Grey…

and Captain Q Tip…

Then there be Pirates Lucky and Mandi…

Then we ‘ave thee crew from ATCAD…Pirate Yang

Pirates Tuiren and Chimera…

And Pirates Scylla,Fenris and Yin searching for thee treasure…

Then we ‘ave Pirate Siddhartha Henry

And we ‘ave Pirate Bryce…

‘ere be Pirate Zoey and Captain Dougie

Zoey and Dougie

Tis Captains Murphy and Stanley to join thee fun!


Captains Cody and Dakota have join thee fun!

Thee Crew from The Cat on My Head has Arrived for thee Gathering with Captains Cooper Murphy and Mauricio in their full regalia!

Now We ‘ave thee Ghetto Pirate girl her self Cap’t La Tessa Rose…

Arrrgh its a blast from thee past Miss Captain Angel Nylablue!

Tis time for another Bun Captain….Tis Bun Captain Finn..

And now Tis time for Captain Hunter thee Brave!

This ‘ere be Sir Jack Swashbuckler Barkaneer and Captain Pipo Fang from thee Meezer’s Mews & Freckle’s Woofs Crew

Tis the Lone Star Cats crew for Thee late arrivals….

And ‘ere we ‘ave Cap’n Kinley and… First mate Brinley!

Now then me Hearties lets Join Felix Gray for thee Hula!

Now for some Pirate music…

Now tis time thee grog to quench ye thirst and to partake in thee grub to satify thee hunger in ye bellies!
















For thee Meaties out there!










And for The Veggies…













9 responses

  1. Ahoy! Wha’ a fun party ’tis, Speedy! ARGH!
    Is is too late to send my picture, and dog-guy? Wait, pardon me, I PipoFang, Master Pirate Cat and Sir Jack Swashbuckler Barkaneer, well we be hearty pirate mates this day…’n th’ paparazzi snuck by ‘n did set off thee shutter…yargh!
    Now we see th’ victuals, ‘n we be famished…tiem ta fill up on some grub and glog…yo-ho-ho! (PipoFang, MasterPirateCat) (SirJackSwashbuckler, Barkaneer)

    This be our blog:

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