Sunday Selfies….its Adventure time!

Yay its Sunday Selfies with the Cat on My Head!And boy are you in for a treat cause not only do you have the photos from my adventure on Thursday but I manage to get out for an hour yesterday during a break in the rain…..Yay for me!







so that’s me zooming off now for my close ups!










and now for yesterdays outing!















So there you have it my adventures for the week!Mum did get some clips of Mickey the Hedgehog but she wants to lover the camera for a clearer view of Mickey so we will do an up date in the week with all the new clips.Have a great Sunday everyone!



4 responses

  1. Dear Mr Speedy,
    I sure had a good time picking bacon with you at Angel Sammy and Teddys Bacon farm. You are a fun guy, Queen Penelope tells me that you are the absolute bestest and I believe her. Your romps in the county look like so much fun. I am asking my Mommy of she and I can do that, but she says I have to learn how to wear a harness and then how to walk with it on … I guess its more complicated than I thought.
    And I can’t wait to see more of Micky!

    • That would be fun if you could learn how to wear a harness and then how to walk with it on ,but yes its complicated…..that was so nice of Nellie to say that,I sure do miss her.But I can’t wait to have more fun times with you Marv….hehehe sometimes you just got to hang with the guys,xx Speedy

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