October Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Did you know that October is Adopt a shelter dog month?Well the ASPCA asked us to Spread the word to help Shelter dogs find their forever homes with a campaign called #FindYourFido to show the public just how easily a shelter dog can fit into your lives and home !

Full size cutout
Small size cutout

All over the US Cardboard Cut outs will be travelling to Virtual Fosters where they get taken on lots of adventures with their host families who post those photo’s on social media like Facebook and twitter to promote adoptable shelter dogs all over the country using the #FindYourFido and here’s how you can join in…..

You can post a photo of your pet looking adorable and why adoption is important to you or you can ask to join it and be a virtual foster for Fido and post photo’s of him joining in with you adventures with the same #FindYourFido or you can do a blog post the ASPCA’s Campaign!

And Guess What….Fido will be coming to the House of Speedy to join me on my adventures so watch this Space….we are going to have so much fun!This Campaign can also help Shelter dogs here the UK by highlighting the need for homes for adoptable dogs here too….or any pet!


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