Sunday Selfies….Autographs and Updates

Hi everyone,I hope your having a great weekend….mine has been quiet so far for me but who knows what today may bring!

I did manage to get out for a short adventure one afternoon this week and as you can see some of the trees have lost their leaves already!

And some still have some leaves but are full of pretty colours….Isn’t that a great view?But for now I leave you with my Autograph!

Just a little update on Mickey the Hedgehog.Mummy was a little worried about him as he was doing funny poops…green sticky snotty poops which is a sign something is not right except for just before they hibernate then they do this type of poop to purge themselves in prep for their winter sleep and its to early for that.So mum kept Mickey in the back garden for a few days and checked him over.She ended up removing around 10 tics….big ones from his body….nasty horrible things!And then kept an eye on his poops….they improved and went back to normal so that is why he was digging and scratching him self in the webcam videos as she couldn’t see any fleas on him.So Mickey is back to coming and going as he pleases so hopefully that was the problem….keep you paws crossed for him…..oh and the unwanted guest rat well it hasn’t been back either so all is good at my place!


Sunday Selfies With The Cat on My Head


5 responses

  1. Yuck! Ticks! Kozmo and Jo Jo and Cinnamon have told me about those horrible things!!! They have them in Midway and the fall is bad for them. Micky is lucky that your Mommy is so smart!
    Mr Speedy, Queen Penelope tells me that last picture of you makes her heart go pitter patter and she would love to smooch you!
    I, Marvelous, do think you look handsome, but I am not into smooching!
    I look forward to hearing more about Micky and seeing more pictures of you on your walks!

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