Dona Nobis Pacem #Blog4Peace

For Centuries Human Kind has looked up at the stars in our night sky and wondered at that natural beauty that we see!With the Technological advances that we have made we are able to look at our Planet and wonder at the beauty of the place we call home…..but beneath the stratosphere on the surface Human kind lives in turmoil and uncertainty…..Today now more than ever Human Kind needs to join in one loud voice No more Violence,No more Hatred!Now is the time to Unite in Peace….to save our world….our Beautiful Blue Planet!Today we join thousands of Bloggers who Blog For Peace!Today we are One Voice United in Peace…..United in Harmony and Tolerance.Today we need to learn to understand our differences and appreciate those unique differences….Appreciate our Unique Differences that make Human Kind amazing…..Let us celebrate how Amazing Human Kind is and How Amazing our Home Truly is!I am a peace blogging Bunny Who hopes that Human kind will follow my paw prints to that goal of world peace in these uncertain times……

Dona Nobis Pacem…..Grant us Peace!

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4 responses

  1. Oh Mr Speedy! What wonderful words! And we LOVE your peace globe, but we purticularly LOVE the footprints! You have left those same prints on my Mommy’s heart!

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