Sunday Selfies Adventures and News Updates!

Hi everyone!I hope you’re having a great weekend!Its time to join Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head.







This week the weather has been nice and dry if chilly at times so we managed to get out for a walk everyday ending with a trip to the beach on Friday!

 we went up on the moors and saw another Robin!


But the weather is much colder now and wet with hail so the walks have stopped for now and tonight is Guy Fawkes Night so there will be lots of fire works going off and any one who is having a bonfire can you check them and rebuild them so no little Hedgehogs will get hurt by them.Mickey our little wild Hedgehog we think is living under our shed because mummy put some fresh bedding under there and it has moved.She leaves a little bowl of kibble and meal worms just a few cause to many is bad for them under there and then leave his main dinner in the greenhouse with a bowl of water and all that is left is a few crumbs or an odd piece of kibble and what water he doesn’t drink.with the weather getting colder mummy will increase his dinner portion a bit to make sure he has enough to eat because natural food will get harder for him to find now and we want to keep his weight up for his big winter sleep.

And just a little heads up every year I have my Christmas and Holiday Count Down which Starts on the 1st December….well this year is no Different So in a a week or so I will tell you more about it!



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  1. Oh! Mr Speedy! I would love to go for a walk to the beach with you! The sand looks like it would be so very much fun to dig in! As would laying on that beach banket in the sun.
    Your hedgehog sounds like he really enjoys living with you guys!
    It is awful cold here. We even had snow!
    My Mom took me out on the deck and let me touch it! It is pretty, but very cold!

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