Speedy’s Christmas and Holiday Count Down 10th December!

OMB do you realise we only have 15 days to go?!!!Gosh this is so exciting that I could almost burst…..don’t worry I won’t cause that would be icky.Any way today we have our little slimline tree in the kitchen and its even got the decorations that came from Oreo yesterday in the gift exchange post….

Don’t worry we have more to show from the House of Speedy….but we want to do a video as photo’s don’t do it Justice…..Now on to the Card count I still have 7 paper cards…

and I now have 9 E-card with 3 new ones from Dougie,Zoey and Aunty Ann at Zoolatry and The OP pack and Teddy at Two Spoiled Cats

Mummy still has just the 3 paper cards

Hehehe I guess I’m pulling ahead in the card stakes!

Now don’t forget there is plenty of time to enter my Count down by sending your photo’s of you and you decorations to rachel.dejong28@googlemail.com or by posting them straight to my Facebook event here! All entries will be posted both here and on my Fcaebook event and will run everyday with the final post on Christmas Day!And my Favourite 3 will get a surprise gift after the main day to carry on the holiday spirit…..cause no one wants it to end do they?

And as its Sunday Selfies I’m showing off my Christmas Bauble from my good pal Marvelous again



Sunday Selfies with the Cat on My Head


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