Christmas Eve Day 24 of my Countdown!

HOLY BUNOLY tomorrow is Christmas day and Santa is already on his way around the world delivering to all the good children and furry ones too!So time for that important reminder you all have time to enter my Countdown all you have to do is get you photo’s in by 5am uk time tomorrow when mummy turns the pc on to be entered on my final post of the countdown on Christmas Day!Just check out the details on how to enter at the bottom of this post!

Our Next Entries come from Kinley Westie ,She’s looking very pretty in her Christmas dress with her tree behind her….

Gorgeous don’t you think? Then we have one of the Lone Star Cats all dressed up too with the tree in the back…

Very Dapper if I say so my self!

Then we Have My Aunty Jade’s Christmas Tree Miss Lola Bun Refused to pose but that’s ok……

Aunty Jades tree

Now as you know I do a bit of reporting for Carma and mum made the Christmas Wish Memes and well she did this photo edit of Carma for her Mummy Bunny…

So please hop on over to check it out….and of course Mummy did this one of me too….

so this is my entry for Sunday Selfies Blog Hop…..Now on to the Card count I have 13 paper cards with a new one from one of my Aunty Kathy’s…

And I have 32 E-cards with 2 new one’s from Cathy Keisha and Chanel Bunny

Mummy has 19 paper cards and she gave dad 2 and she still has 2 E-cards….

Now don’t forget there is plenty of time to enter my Count down by sending your photo’s of you and you decorations to or by posting them straight to my Facebook event here! All entries will be posted both here and on my Facebook event and will run everyday with the final post on Christmas Day!And my Favourite 3 will get a surprise gift after the main day to carry on the holiday spirit…..cause no one wants it to end do they?

Christmas Eve Sunday Selfies with the Cat on My Head

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